He was a former raid unit leader of the group once known as Band of The Hawk. Played by: Chief1337/Calsifer


Cal(Calsifer) has black hair fitted with constant, short pointy spikes already built from short hair itself. At the base of his hairline, he allows a few strands to hang just above his forehead.
He wears bandages over his right hand (a style he has used since the beginning, most likely to assist in handling a sword) and wears a sleeveless white under shirt beneath it, allowing him to move his arms freely.
On his pants there is also a set of armor featured in the groin area most likely for protective purposes.


Cal born from a cadaverous bedeviling womb that hung cursedly from a forlorn eerie tree. He was to die beneath her corpse. He is of this point not in fates plans, for he is dead, or rather was meant to die, and is not a factor to the thread of fate. Though, he survived, a couple had rescued the malnourished parentless boy.

Daltron: Heldspar’s Reign
Calsifer wears a tan-to-brown coloured set of armour that transitions from leather to a harder material. In addition to this equipment, he is mostly seen in battle wearing a uniquely shaped head-guard that protects all but his mouth. He later discards the helmet upon leaving the Hawks (along with the sword he was using up to that point, due to having been broken in battle by Boscogn).

Return to Daltron
Cal’s armour is updated by Darche, causing its plates to bear great resemblance to the Berserker Armour that he would wear later on. Shortly following the battle against Slan and later, against Grunbeld, Cal switches the regular plates of his armour for the Berserker Armour. The first use of the armour causes the Hellhound to shape the armour, turning a portion of his black hair white.


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