A demon spoken of in legends to be able to restore Daltron to normal


Caliterron(FORM 1)
Hp: 25
PC: Swoop. (Choose one player, that player cannot attack for 1 turn)
Drop: Bodies.

Caliterron(FORM 2)
HP: 80
Damage: 12
PC: Gli$#%%@@%Q#!!!!!!???!?!“:”":(Add two damage to next attack)

Caliterron is a boss in the series. He is not encountered in his own zone, often inside Anauel.


Caliterron is a beast found in stories in the cave in Darkland. The stories speak of his ability to change destiny once every thousand years. It is not known what he did thousands of years ago on this island, but that was when the First Wizards had lived. His skin is appears black from a distance, but on closed inspection, his skin in grey. From far away, many mistake him to be a crow.

Unlike most creatures, Caliterron posses the ability to steal elemental energy from the land. By doing this, he changes his shape and grows stronger. More recent observations make him out to look more like a dragon. Caliterron is currently not on any side of the battle, though it is generally assumed that he is trying to kill the other Elementals. It is not known if the plans of Calsifer and Jack will interfere with his.


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